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Clanton Senior Solutions helps people with Medicare and Life Insurance all over Texas.

Don ́t wait if you are turning 65 or new to Medicare.

At Clanton Senior Solutions our mission is your satisfaction and help you enjoy the new stage of your life without worrying about it.

Whatever you are looking for in Medicare or Life Insurance we can help you, educate and find the right coverage for you.

We can do face to face, phone call, video calls or visit at your home or a place of your choice and convenience to answer all your questions and concerns.


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Final Expenses

Life is full of twist and turns. Unforeseen events can occur at a moment’s notice, unfortunately one of these events could be the Death of a Loved one. This can bring on new a set of decisions that need to be made for your loved ones.


Almost 65? We can help you enroll in Medicare! Our local Medicare Consultant can walk you through a FREE step by step process to ensure peace of mind regarding your Medicare enrollment options.

Life Insurance

Having life insurance is important whether you are married, have kids, or have other relatives that depend on you financially. This is because life insurance provides death benefits for your beneficiaries after your passing. Your chosen beneficiaries can access the funds when they need them.

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